Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Victoria Day!

Well, we finished up the walls in Naomi's room and finally got rid of the the turquoise wall to wall carpeting. We found some pretty nice parquetry underneath. It's kinda orangy but with an area rug, it may be just fine. I'll upload some pictures on my "Naomi's Nursery" site (link on the right) soon. Stay tuned ...

At some point today I got distracted and decided to give a doll a makeover. This is a very special doll that my grandmother made for me. It's made of porcelain and fabric. She has been sitting in our guest roon for quite a while now and she was looking dusty and old. I decided to wash and restyle her hair and put her in one of the PJ's I bought for Naomi (12 months). I think she looks young and fun. I will put her into Naomi's room soon - doesn't she look much better? p.s. This doll won second place in a competition that my grandmother entered her into - note the red ribbon on her hand.


Deb said...

oh my goodness I thought it was real for a second!!!!