Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book Swap

Look what my DTC secret pal sent me! I signed up for a book swap and I’m so happy I did! These little books are perfect for a toddler and I particularly like the touch and feel books! These sweet little books came all the way from Virginia!

Check out the cute package it came in! What a nice surprise to find in my mailbox last night! Thanks Jenny!


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous I just love the swaps we are doing they are so much fun:)

Abby's Mom said...

Julie, I'm glad you liked them. I'm buying everything in duplicates so that Abby can have them as well. I got the mailer they came in at the post office. This is alot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Fun books to have for little Naomi. I am sure Francis might want to get in on the action also!

Keep smilin!