Monday, May 01, 2006

Billy the cat

I thought I'd share this adorable picture I took this weekend. This is my son Francis and our cat Billy (a.k.a. Billy-bob, booger, boogie, boogie-woogie, booger-the-wooger, biggie, bigs). For some odd reason, he is registered at the vet as Lucky, but that's a whole other story. Sometimes people ask "what's your cat's name?" and I have to think about it for a moment or else I'll say "booger" and they look at me like ... okay ... um ... Booger? And I know they are thinking; what hell kind of name is booger for a cat? But they usually say something like; interresting... name ... for ..a with a weird look on their face. At that point I get all explanitory and give them the long version of why our beloved family pet got the unfortunate nickname. Okay, here is the short version: The cat has Rhino disease. No, he's not turning into a rhino. It means that he is often stuffed-up and well ... since cats don't use tissues, sometimes we have to deal with the side effects. Yes, I know .....Eeeeeewwwwwww........!


Ava's family said...

I love your new site! I'm so happy you joined us blogger's! I never left you comments on your old site because I didn't have an account. That is an adorable picture of your son and cat!

Julie said...

Thanks Lisa,
I really like the blogger format but I am still new to this! Thanks for commenting!

Lisa said...

Ahhhhhh.... Francis is adorable! Hope he is excited about his new baby sister!

Thanks for your encouraging words... we're all in this together.. right? : )