Sunday, May 07, 2006

6 months down ...

Yay! Today we’re 6 months since LID!

We celebrated by spending the day in Ottawa and visiting the tulip festival. Here are some pictures from today.

These we're all taken in front of Dow's Lake.

A sweet family picture - the only one you will get to see of me. I hate having my picture taken. There are 4 that were taken today. They are all reminders that I need to go and a diet and continue to marinate in the fake tan suff. (*sigh*)

Okay - strange up-the-nose angle here, but it was the cutest one!
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These ones are so pretty with their dual color and unique shape.

These red ones were really tall. Francis took this picture. Not bad for a 5 year old!

Above: Pretty yellow tulips with rounded petals!
Below is my favorite picture. I love that purple color against the yellow.


Dawn and Dale said...

Ok...So you soooo don't have to go on a diet girlfriend!!!

That is a really really great picture!!

I love all the tulip ones too! It must have been just beautiful there!

Ava's family said...

Happy 6 month LID anniversary! Love the pictures of the tulips!
I agree with Dawn, you look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

What drugs are you taking that you think you need a diet?!? You Rock Sister-friend!

Gorgeous photos! Glad that you had a great visit to our nations capital!

Keep smilin!

Gen said...

Happy 6 months!

You guys look fab!! The tulips weren't so bad either ;)

You know, I agree with the other gals. You don't need to diet or marinate. What we need is SUN to boost our moods, some great yummy delicious food, and some delicious fruity cocktails. Oh to dream...